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BTC VoIP Bundle is a VoIP service and broadband solution for business customers.


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VoIP and Internet Bundle

Choose your plan

  • Small
  • $145
    per month
  • 200GB data per month
  • nbn™ Speed Up to 100Mbps download 40Mbps upload
  • ADSL Speed Up to 20Mbps download 1.5Mbps upload
  • 1 Telephone number
  • 1 VoIP Channel
  • Local Calls Included
  • National calls to standard fixed lines in Australia Included
  • Calls to mobiles in Australia Included
  • Additional VoIP channels $55.00 (ex GST) / month
  • Contract term - 24 Months
  • PBX and Handsets not included
  • Unlimited
  • $205
    per month
  • Unlimited data per month
  • nbn™ Speed Up to 100Mbps download 40Mbps upload
  • ADSL Speed Up to 20Mbps download 1.5Mbps upload
  • 1 Telephone number
  • 1 VoIP Channel
  • Local Calls Included
  • National calls to standard fixed lines in Australia Included
  • Calls to mobiles in Australia Included
  • Additional VoIP channels $55.00 (ex GST) / month
  • Contract term - 24 Months
  • PBX and Handsets not included

3CX Cloud PBX Options

Choose your 3CX Cloud PBX

  • Standard 4 SC
  • $409
    per year
  • Standard PBX
  • Up to 4 Simultaneous Calls
  • 1 year Maintenance
  • Standard 8 SC
  • $964
    per year
  • Standard PBX
  • Up to 8 Simultaneous Calls
  • 1 year Maintenance
  • Professional 4 SC
  • $548
    per year
  • Professional PBX
  • Up to 4 Simultaneous Calls
  • 1 year Maintenance
  • Professional 8 SC
  • $1180
    per year
  • Professional PBX
  • Up to 8 Simultaneous Calls
  • 1 year Maintenance

Softphones and APPS

3CX Windows Softphonewin_mac



Smartphone APP

Things you need to know

Other fee and charges


Internet Service activation fee - $225.00

Includes NBN/ADSL Gateway

Plug n Play


We will send you the equipment (pre provisioned) and you can plug the equipment in.

If you need additional support we can come to site and configure everything for you.

Fee for services will apply. $75 visit fee & $75 per half hour for labour. (ex GST)

We can provide the following services:

  • Install the Gateway
  • Install the handsets
  • IT Support - Configure your computer network and devices (smarphones, printers etc.)
  • Data cabling



You can have all of your sites connected to one PBX

Whether you have a second location across town or 100 sites spread across the country, seamless connectivity across all your locations delivers a number of benefits. Unfortunately, conventional, onsite PBX systems are not well-suited to businesses with multiple locations. They not only lack key features such as direct extension-dialing and online meetings but also require complex and costly telco connectivity between sites.

This advantages of a cloud phone system, which include:

  • Eliminating investment in PBX hardware/software at multiple locations
  • Removing the need for PBX-trained IT professionals or service vendors at each site
  • Facilitating direct transfers and extension-dialing between business locations


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Critical information summary

The service gives you:

• a fixed ADSL2+ broadband service or nbn™ service

• 1 telephone number ( you can also port your existing number)

• the option to add extras like additional voice lines and fax lines – all on a single bill.

All of your services are provided on IP-based technology.

The service is only available in locations where there’s an ADSL2+ broadband service of sufficient quality to support a VoIP services. We may have to do a site inspection, or inspect the local exchange, to determine if you’re able to get the service.

The service comes with a NBN/ADSL gateway.

You need to buy a IP phone from us that you pay for separately.

24 months.

Early termination charges

If your Service Plan is cancelled before your minimum term has ended, you’ll need to pay us an amount calculated as: Monthly fee x number of months (or part thereof) remaining in your contract term.

You may also need to pay an ETC for any other User Plans or Options you have. If you’ve changed between Plans during your minimum term your ETC will be the monthly fee for current Plan at the current rate of the plan at the time of cancellation.

The data allowance is stated clearly on the plan you choose.

Any unused allowance expires each month.

The quality of your voice communications might be affected by factors such as your connected equipment and software configuration. Although your service may support Fax, we cannot guarantee that these services and/or equipment will work or function faultlessly over your service. Please check with your equipment manufacturer/provider about compatibility with a VoIP service

Your Plan also comes with:

• included local calls, national long distance STD calls and calls to mobiles in Australia.

• a static IP address.


  • PBX Licence or Software
  • IP Phones
  • Calls from your service, other than the call types listed under heading What’s Included, aren’t included with your Plan and you’ll be charged for these separately.

• You can use a maximum of 4 lines at the same time (including phone or fax), whether they’re calls you receive or calls you make.

• During a power failure you won’t be able to use your Service, including calls to Emergency ‘000’ services.


This is the plan cost plus and calls not included in the plan.

If one of our suppliers raises its prices in the future, this may result in the cost of your service increasing. We’ll let you know before this happens.

Customer portal

Your customer portal will allow you to view your invoices online, submit and update support requests and billing enquiries.

You can pay your bill online --


The figures in this Critical Information Summary are for a full billing cycle but your first bill may include pro rata charges for part of the month if you started or changed your Plan part way through a billing period.

Important information about your first bill

When you first start a plan or change your Plan part way through a billing period, your first bill will have additional charges. It will include your minimum monthly charge in advance, plus a proportion of your minimum monthly charge based on the number of days left in the billing period.

You’ll receive a full month’s data allowance.

Your invoices will be emailed to you each month.

You can also set up direct debit.

Transferring to the National Broadband Network (NBN)

If the NBN comes to your area we will contact you and let you know.

We will then switch your service to the NBN.

We’ll take responsibility for managing your transfer to this new network.

To do this, we’ll need your agreement and help to access your premises, and we’ll talk with you about installation requirements.

We’ll work with you to make this as simple as possible.

If you don’t want to transfer to the NBN, we’ll continue to provide your service up until we’re required to disconnect it as part of the migration to the NBN.

At this time we will cancel your services and ETC will be charged.

We’ll let you know the details before any changes happen.

You’ll find more information at

Contact options:

Support -

Accounts and Billing -

Sales -

Call us - 07 4759 5000

Complaints or disputes

If you need to make a complaint you can:

• email us

Further investigation

If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. For full contact in

Pricing as of 1/8/2016

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Feature Comparison table

General Features Standard Pro /
Extension capacity Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported  Up to 1,024 Up to 1,024
Call Logging
Call Reporting
Call Forward on Busy or No Answer
Call Routing by DID
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
Voicemail/ Music on Hold
Central Phonebook
Call by Name
Call Parking / Pickup
Call Transfer
Call Queuing
Call Recording
MWI – Message Waiting Indicator
Supports Popular SIP Phones
Supports SIP Trunks/ Gateways
Intercom/ Paging
Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously
Extensive Codec Support (G711, G722, GSM, Speex, ILBC, G729)
Automatic Pickup on Busy
Call Recordings Management
Management and
Web-based Management Console
Automated Provisioning of Devices
Real Time Web-based System Status
Integrated Web Server
Easy Backup and Restore
SBC to Configure Remote Extensions
VMware / Hyper-V Compatibility
Connect Remote 3CX PBX Systems (Bridges)
Scheduled Backup
Scheduled Restore
Inbuilt Fail Over Functionality incl. Standby Licence Yes / Standby Licence in
Enterprise only
Unified Communications
Setting Up Conference Calls
See the Presence of Your Colleagues
Receive Voice Mail via Email
Receive Faxes via Email as PDF
Integrated Fax Server
Integrate Offices with 3CX Bridge
Advanced Forwarding Rules
View Presence of Bridged PBXs
Call Center / Contact Center
Advanced Queue Strategies
Advanced Call Reporting
Real Time Queue Statistics
Queue Reports
Barge In / Listen In / Whisper
Query Customer Name Based on Caller ID
Ability to Use 3CXPhone API
Link Company Directory with LDAP / ODBC
Sync Phonebook with Microsoft Exchange
Real Time Queue Monitoring
Switchboard Queue Manager View
Call Recordings Search
Supervisor can Log Agents In/Out
Supports External Agents
Callback if queue full
CRM Integration / Scripting Interface
SLA alerting/reporting
Android Client
iOS Client
Windows Phone Client
CTI Support
Seamlessly Create Conference Calls
Users can Configure their Own Extension
Provisioning by Email
Manage 3CXPhone from within the Console
Includes 3CX Tunnel to Avoid NAT Problems
IP Phone Management
Automatic Plug & Play Phone Provisioning
Manage IP Phones Network Wide from Console
Restart Phones Remotely
Update & Manage Firmware Network Wide
Application Integration
Microsoft Outlook
Office 365 (address book only)
Office 365
Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Exchange 2013 / LDAP / ODBC
Google Contacts
Web Conferencing
Plugin Free – WebRTC
One-click conference
Meeting Recording
Remote Control / Assistance
Screen Sharing
Unlimited Users
Participants Included 10 25


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