Help with your nbn equipment

Business Technology Centre provides you with an nbn™ service.

We provide support for an nbn™ internet service.

If we have provided the nbn™ gateway, we will provide support for the nbn™ gateway.

If you have chosen to provide your own nbn™ gateway, we will support the modem at fee for service rates.


Please follow these steps before reporting a fault regarding your nbn™ service.

Please be aware that there you will will be charged for any faults that are found to be caused by non nbn™ equipment.

Fee are as follows.

  • Incorrect Callout fee $75.00 (ex GST)
  • Labour to diagnose or rectify the fault $75.00 (ex GST) per half hour or there part of.
  • All materials required to fix the fault.

Please note: we do not guarantee that we can fix the issues associated with nbn™ equipment.

1. Check your nbn equipment

2. Check your nbn gateway

Check your nbn™ gateway.
Make sure all of the lights are on.

If not restart your nbn™ gateway.
nbn gateway

3. Check other devices

Check all other devices that are using the nbn™.

If they are working, then your nbn™ service is working fine and you may need to have you equipment looked at.

4. Contact us

If your tests show that there is a problem with the nbn™ complete this support form.