iPecs user guide

To make a call.

  1. For external call, lift handset, dial ‘0’ or select line, dial number.
  2. For internal call, lift handest, dial extension or press flexible button
  3. For handsfree, just dial number without lifting handset.

To answer a call.

  1. Lift handset or press speaker button.
  2. To pick up a phone in your group, press ‘Pickup’ or dial ‘**’
  3. To pick up a phone not in your group, dial ‘7’ followed by the extension number.

To Transfer a call.

  1. Press ‘Trans/PGM’, dial extension or press Flexible Key, introduce the call (optional) and replace the handset.
  2. To transfer externally (if allowed), dial ‘0’ then telephone number.

To place a call on Hold.

  1. Press ‘Hold/Save’ once for system hold (all handsets have access to call)
  2. Press ‘Hold/Save’ twice for exclusive hold ( accessible from originating handset only)

To Park a call.

  1. Press ‘Park’ or ‘Trans/PGM’ and location (601 – 610)
  2. To retrieve call, lift handset, press appropriate ‘Park’ key or dial location (601 – 610)


  1. Press ‘Log’, scroll through last 100 dialled, received and missed calls with navigation button.
  2. Press ‘Hold/Save’ or ‘OK’ on selected number.

Call Forward.

  1. Dial ‘554’or lift handpiece and press ‘FWD’ key.
  2. Select forward type.
  3. Remote Call Forward
  4. Unconditional
  5. Busy
  6. No answer
  7. Buys/No answer
  8. Incoming CO to off-net

      #.   Cancel Forward

  1. After selection, dial Station number, Hunt Group (e.g. 633 for VM) or Speed Bin number.