NBN™ Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless

The nbn™ fixed wireless network extends the reach of the nbn™ Ethernet Bitstream Service (nbn™ Ethernet) beyond the fixed line footprint providing high speed, reliable broadband through a professionally installed service designed to give surety of performance.

Why connect your customers to nbn™ fixed wireless?

The nbn™ fixed wireless technology can improve the lives of customers by bringing broadband benefits to areas that have previously been unable to get high speed fixed-line broadband services.

Professional installation

nbn™ provides a professional signal strength test (radio signal survey) before installation of the nbn Fixed Wireless antenna in your premises. The radio signal survey result must be positive in order for equipment to be installed.

More info

Fixed Wireless provides a wireless access link from your premises to a wireless base station connected to the nbn network.

Coverage areas

In order to receive the nbn™ Fixed Wireless service, your premises must be within the nbn wireless coverage area and have a line of sight between the closest or most appropriate nbn™ Fixed Wireless base station. If that is the case, and the strength of the wireless signal is strong enough to provide a wireless service, the professional installation of customer premises equipment will proceed.

We will send you a pre configured NBN Gateway (modem). Simply plug the gateway into the NBN connection box and you are connected.


NBN Fixed Wireless plans

  • Small
  • $80.00
    per month
  • up to 25Mbps*
  • 200GB data
  • 24 month contract
  • Unlimited
  • $150.00
    per month
  • up to 25Mbps*
  • Unlimited data
  • 24 month contract

Additional once off $300 nbn™ New Development charge applies if your premises is identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.

* NBN™ Speeds: These speeds are maximum connection speeds as provided by nbn™. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by Business Technology Centre. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. The Basic speed option has a maximum upload line speed of up to 5Mbps.

Things you need to know

  • Our activation fee of $225.00 applies to standard nbn™ service installations unless otherwise specified. Non-standard or additional installations may incur charges payable by you - nbn™ (or BTC where applicable) will advise you of any applicable charges.
  • When you sign up for a 24-month contract;
    • you will receive a new NBN gateway (modem) for $0.
  • Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly quota.
  • If you exceed your quota, your download and upload speeds are shaped for the remainder of your billing month.
  • You may switch between our NBN™ plans at any time without incurring contract break fees. A plan change fee applies when switching to a plan of equal or lesser value.
  • As of 1st April 2016, nbn™ will be introducing a connection charge of $300 for each new connection order within a New Development Location. If you are connecting within a development area you may be liable for this charge. More information on these charges can be found here.
  • Once the NBN™ roll out has been completed in your area, services over the legacy copper network will no longer be available at your premises and any copper services that are still connected at your premises on the Disconnection Date are liable to be disconnected.
  • The installation of NBN™ FTTN or FTTB may disconnect the current copper-line telecommunications service that is connected to your premises.
  • Please be aware any existing ancillary services and devices that rely on your copper-line telecommunications service will no longer work unless you move them to the NBN™ (such as medical alarms, back-to-base alarms, personal response systems, fax machines and EFTPOS). Please check with your device/service manufacturer or provider to see if the device is NBN™ compatible.
  • Customer equipment (such as new or existing cabling and telecommunications outlets) beyond the network boundary point may not work when you connect to NBN™. You may require a registered cabler to connect these to your NBN™ service. You will be responsible for the cost of any such cabling work.
  • Where your NBN™ service includes a battery backup;
    • A fully charged battery in perfect condition may last up to 11 hours. If the battery is not fully charged, kept in sub-standard conditions or is aged, it may last for less than three hours.
    • If your telephone requires mains power to function, then it will remain inoperable in a power outage, even if you have a battery backup unit.
    • It is your responsibility to check and maintain the batteries.


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