Bitdefender 2016

Best Protection. Best Performance.

Enterprise Security

Endpoint security fit for your offices, datacenters and public cloud

  • Single security delivery platform provides best protection and performance
  • Up to 20% datacenter performance improvement versus traditional security vendors
  • OS and hypervisor agnostic ensures universal coverage
  • Single console to easily manage security policies for all endpoints
  • Self-configurable virtual appliances and environment-aware agents to install and deploy in minutes
  • Helps you reach HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance


Introducing the world's first proactive protection technology against cunning ransomware. Make your precious files immune to malicious encryption.

"caught everything" - 100 percent Bitdefender 2016 | March 2015

Key Features

  • One application

    delivering security services to physical endpoints, mobile devices, Exchange mail servers and virtual machines in private and public cloud;

    One console

    offering easy centralized management, easy deployment and enforcement of security policies to any type and number of endpoints, in any location;

    One architecture

    enabling full visibility and control in the datacenter and companywide through integration with Active Directory, VMware and Citrix hypervisors;

    One agent

    covering any combination of virtualization platforms, cloud providers, operation systems and physical devices;

    Multiple layers of security

    for endpoints: antivirus and antimalware with behavioral monitoring, zero-day threat protection, application control and sandboxing, firewall, device control and content control with anti-phishing and antispam for Exchange mail servers.

  • Universal coverage:

    • Any endpoint: physical, virtual and cloud;
    • Any form factor: workstation, server, embedded, mobile;
    • Any OS: Windows, Linux, Mac;
    • Any virtualization platform: VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle;
    • Organizations of any size: scales from tens to millions of endpoints just by cloning virtual appliances;
    • Any environment: datacenters, local area networks, wide area networks, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud;

    Smart centralized scanning employs

    centralized security servers, where most antimalware processes take place after offloading from each protected physical or virtual machine.