How it works

Calls come from the Public Switched Telephone Network to Business Technology Centre's VoIP Network,

calls are then sent to the Business Technology Centre Cloud PBX and then on to your Handsets/s


What is a Cloud PBX from Business Technology Centre?

Cloud basically means, that the telephone system is not stored on your premises.

Traditional PBX or Telephone systems were previously installed in your premises.

The advantages of having a telephone system in the cloud is, that all you need to do is plug yoru handset into an internet connection and you can connect to your Cloud PBX.

Great for businesses that have multiple office locations and staff off site.

Benefits of Cloud PBX

nbn™ ready - With the introduction of nbn™ , VoIP (Voice over IP) technology is replacing the traditional telephone lines.

Scalability - You Cloud PBX can grow as your business needs grow.

Easy relocation - With Cloud PBX, all you need is an internet connection at your new premises and you can relocate with ease.

Number portability - Take your number anywhere in the world. With VoIP technology you use your number anywhere. 

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