Cloud PBX - Multi site

When a business spans more than one location, the cost and complexity of maintaining a conventional phone system can present major challenges. These include large investments in PBX (public branch exchange) telephone systems at each site, as well as the cost of maintaining these systems. Additionally, customers
often cannot reach your employees in various locations from a single company number, or employees cannot direct extension-dial coworkers in other offices.

The assorted PBX systems are often based on an array of proprietary technologies, have uneven repair schedules, and fail at different rates. They also may handle calls differently depending on the location, which can cause confusion for customers. In addition, the business associate relationships required to keep multiple systems running and connected have different Service Level Agreements, expiration dates, and billing cycles.

Ultimately, the lack of a unified phone system hampers communication and collaboration, which negatively impacts employee productivity, customer service, and your company’s bottom line.

Centralizing your phone system in the cloud bypasses the outdated copper-wire model, which depends on PBX hardware and telco connectivity at each location. A cloud communications system serves all locations—large, small, global, and even at-home offices—via the internet. Consequently, your business benefits from a number of fundamental changes in the network (including relationships with telcos), how users are served, and how customers and partners interact with employees. Plus, the ability to manage the entire system from one location translates into significant time- and cost-savings for the IT team.

However, when you move the PBX functionality out of the building and into the cloud, mobile workers have direct access to the same phone system used by on-site workers. They enjoy the same business desk phone features—such as extension-dialing and direct voicemail access—as office staff.


The Solution - Cloud PBX - One telephone system across all of your sites

This  allows employees in all locations—including home offices and workers on the go—share the same robust features and functionality when using a cloud-based phone system (including voice, fax, and conferencing).