eCommerce - creating your online store

what you will need


a domain

Younwill need a domain name. If you do not have a domain go to and register a new domain. If you have an existing domain, we can add your store to your existing domain. You may also  want to have a totally separate domain for your on line store and link you main webpage to it. . When people click on the link on your main website they are directed to you on line store. This will allow you to manage each site separately.

a domain host

Once you have a domain it needs to be hosted on a web server. We provide web hosting as part of a monthly web site package or on an annual basis.

a content management system (CMS)

A content management system allows you to manage the content of your site. You can self manage your site or we can mange it for you.   We suggest wordpress as the best and most easy to use CMS on the market today. There is a number of on line training and support videos and blogs to help you manage your web site. The best part is, it is free. More about Wordpress here.

an eCommerce plugin

joho                     Plugins are designed to work with your CMS.   We suggest Woo Commerce as one of the best and most customisable eCommerce plugins for wordress. Woo Commerce is also free. More about Woo Commerce.

an eCommerce theme

wootheme1 A theme is basically the design or layout of your site. This layout can be customised to suite your desired colour scheme. There a re a number of themes available - some free some to purchase. more about woothemes here.

a payment gateway

paypal-logo Customers will need a secure payment gateway to pay on checkout. There are a number of payment gateways available such as PayPal. Contact your bank to see if they offer an on line payment gateway facility. You will also need an SSL certificate. Check the pricing plans for details on the cost of purchasing an annual subscription to a SSL certificate.  

a shipping method

    shippingThere are a number of ways to calculate shipping costs and apply these to the sale amount at checkout. For example Australia Post has a plugin available that calculates the shipping cost and the Australia Post shipping options, by the dimensions and weight of the product. It will also calculate and offer different shipping options to your customers , dependant on the location, number size and weight of the products ordered. The plugin is live at all times and is updated when Australia Post updates its pricing and packaging options. Check with your current freight supplier to see if they have a plugin for an eCommerce site.

eCommerce pricing

  • Starter package
  • $75.00
    per month
  • you have an existing domain and hosting.
  • up to 50 products
  • 25 changes per year
  • eCommerce Store
  • $125.00
    per month
  • domain hosting included
  • up to 100 products
  • 30 changes per year
  • eCommerce store large
  • $250.00
    per month
  • domain hosting included
  • up to 200 products
  • 50 changes per year


You will be required to meet the upfront purchase or ongoing monthly quarterly or annual cost of, any additional themes, plugins and SSL certificates for your eCommerce site.


once off fees

  • domain name registration $150 for 2 years
  • domain hosting (unless included in the package) $360 per annum.
  • setup fee - $225.00

all prices quoted are ex GST.

  • product details
    • Description
    • pictures
    • SKU or your product stock code
    • shipping dimensions in cms.
    • shipping weight
  • your term and conditions of sale or trading including your refund and returns policy
  • your payment gateway options
  • an email address for completed orders
  • an email address for billing and sales enquiries