What is ADSL?
ADSL is a high speed broadband service which can deliver up to 20Mbit download speeds. It will allow users to stream real time video and media, and utilise Voice Over Internet telephony, all without the inherent problems previously experienced with slower performing services.
Can I get ADSL?
ADSL is available through Business Technology Centre on all Australian enabled exchanges. with the exception of exchanges that are full or do not have capacity to provide ADSL. You must have an active fixed phone service that is compatible with ADSL for it to be enabled. HOWEVER, if your address is NBN you may still be able to connect ADSL, but only if you have an active fixed phone service. We will need to carry out a Service Qualification test to confirm the availability of ADSL at your address.
What is the difference between ADSL and ADSL2+?
ADSL (or ADSL1) services provide a maximum connection speed of up to 8000k / 386k. With an ADSL2+ provide a maximum connection speed of up to 20,000k or 20 Mbit connection speeds, which is up to 3 times
faster. NOTE the term up to - In Australia ALL ADSL services are provided with the commitment that the speed is UP TO and NOT GUARANTEED.
If I sign up for ADSL2+, will I be guaranteed 20Mbit / 1.5Mbit connection speeds?
ADSL2+ plans provide the best possible performance that we can provide on standard telephone lines. Many factors can vary the speed of your service; these include length of the copper line, electrical interference, internal / external wiring configuration, and capacity of uplink.Your actual achievable speed will fall between a minimum of 1500k and a maximum of 20,000k, in accordance with the various factors mentioned above.

The following table shows the expected speeds based on line distance from the telephone exchange. These can vary based on the age, quality and joints in the copper wire that feeds your premises.

Distance Estimated Line Speed
> 1.5 Km 20Mb
>2.0 Km 18Mb
>3.0 Km 10Mb
>4.0 Km 6Mb
>5.0 Km 4Mb
Over 5.0 Km Speeds are not guaranteed
Speeds will vary over time as changes occur with the copper network between the exchange and your premises, service speeds may increase or decrease.
Can I get a service that will provide me a committed speed?

Yes. Business Technology Centre can provide a quote for a DSL service. This service can provide speeds from 512k/512k up to 10M/10M. A service qualification for yoru address is carried out prior to use providing a quote.

To find out more about
DSL services email us at sales@businesstc.com.au
Internet Down

Before you contact us.

1. Restart your modem

2. make sure your computer is connected to your modem, either by a data cable (blue cable) or via wifi.

If the internet does not come back up - email us at support@businesstc.com.au.

Yes I know you need internet to send email..... try emailing from your smartphone.

Cannot send an email call us 07 4759 5000.

How do I find out what programs are accessing my internet connection?

You can check what programs are sing the network or internet on your computer

To open the “Resource Monitor” panel. Follow these below steps.

a. Click on start button.

b. Click all programs.

c. Click on Accessories.

d. Click on System Tools.

e. Select Resource Monitor.

Click on netork

Computer Stuff

Telephone line faults.

Telephone lines are not guaranteed to remain connected.

When a line is faulty ask your service provider to divert your calls to another number such as a mobile.

Telephone Systems

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