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Fax number porting

Porting hours: 8:30 am to 5pm Mon-Fri. (AEST), except national public holidays.Porting must take place within 30 days of the authorisation date on this form.

You authorise: The above fax service number to be ported to BTC. The fax service number, the identity of your new service provider (us) and network type to be disclosed to other network providers and portability service suppliers for the purpose of complaint handling, network fault management, and the routing of calls and SMS messages to your fax service number after porting activity has taken place. Our representative (acting in good faith) may complete and sign a new NP Customer Authorisation for the purposes of carrying out the port to us, in circumstances where this NP Authorisation expires, additional details are to be added, editing or deleting details are required. Our representative (acting in good faith) to complete any blank spaces, missing or incomplete information on this NP Customer Authorisation on your behalf. You acknowledge and agree that: You are authorised to request the porting of the mobile service numbers listed on this form. You have been advised that by porting the fax service numbers listed on this form, the service and/or related services associated with that number may or may not be disconnected from the existing mobile service provider. Authorisation Date is the date you signed this NP Customer Authorisation. This NP Customer Authorisation is valid for 30 days from the Authorisation Date. There may be costs and obligations associated with your existing fax service and with porting your fax service numbers. You may or may not have an existing contract with your existing fax service provider; and your current contract may or may not include an obligation to make an early termination payment to your existing service provider.

To allow us to port your fax number please provide the following details.

The name of your current telephone service provider for your fax line. 


Current telephone service providers account number ( this appears on your telephone bill).


The name that appears on your telephone account.



  • I am authorised to act on behalf of the company named in this agreement.

  • I hereby engage Business Technology Centre to prvide all services as set out in this aagreement.

  • I indemnify Business Technology Centre against and loss or damage if may suffer because of any information in this form or the above paperwork certification being incorrect.

  • I understand that as a service provider Business Technology Centre and as such does not have control of the NBN and the service quality or speed quality.

  • As such, I agree that I will indemnify Commanding Communications PTY LTD T/as Business Technology Centre against any loss of business or revenue associated with the NBN Connection and service.

  • I have read and agree to the following terms and conditions –

  • Number Porting terms & Conditions located at

  • Terms and Conditions of trade located at

  • Credit policy located at

  • Cloud APPs terms and ocnditions locaed at

  • privacy policy located at


Commanding Communications PTY LTD | ACN 121 786 641 | ABN 29 121 786 641

PO Box 4252 KIRWAN QLD 4817 | | P: 07 4759 5000 | f: 07 4759 5050





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