iPECS Voicemail Guide

Logging into Voicemail

  1. Dial Voicemail – 633, or press MSG key
  2. Enter Password ( Default password is : Extension Number + *  | like this 100*)

If you have changed the password, the password will be: Extension number + New password ( like this 1001234)

Change your password

  1. Log into Voicemail
  2. Dial 8 for change Greeting/Password
  3. Dial 2 for editing password
  4. Enter new password followed by #
  5. Reenter password to confirm followed by #

Listen to messages

  1. Log into Voicemail
  2. Dial 1 for new messages or 2 for saved messages
  3. Message plays automatically

To replay message, dial 1.

To go to next message, dial 2.

To delete message dial, 3 followed by # to confirm.

To forward message to another mailbox, dial 4 followed by recipient number.

To call the person who left the message, dial 5.

To skip all messages, dial 6.

To record a memo to message, dial 7.

To return to main menu, dial 9.

Record you greeting

  1. Log into Voicemail
  2. Dial 8 for change Greeting/Password
  3. Dial 1 for greeting change
  4. Dial 5 to hear current greeting
  5. Dial 7 to record new greeting
  6. Wait for the tone, record message then #


Forwarding to Voicemail

  1. Lift headpiece
  2. Press “FWD”
  3. Select forward type:
    1. Unconditional
    2. Busy
    3. No answer
    4. Busy/No answer
  4. Dial 633 for Voicemail or Press Voicemail key


Cancel forward to Voicemail

  1. Lift headpiece
  2. Press “FWD”
  3. Dial # to cancel


Out of office access

  1. Call your indial number or get the person who answers your call to transfer you to your extension
  2. While your Voicemail greeting is playing, dial #
  3. When prompted follow “Logging into Voicemail” procedure, Step 2
  4. Once logged in, follow prompts


If you have any issues you submit a support request by sending an email to support@businesstc.com.au

Please be aware that fees will apply for all support requests unless you have a current Services Agreement that covers the support request.

Fee for service rates can be viewed here.  businesstc.com/ffs