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nbn™ application Fixed wireless nbn™services.

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Choose your Business nbn™ Plans
Contract term: 24 Months

Service activation fee: $225.00 (ex GST)



  • An nbn™ contractor will need to visit your business premises to install the nbn™ Network Termination Device (NTD).
  • Please make sure a person over 18 years of age is available on the day of installation.
    • This person will need to be able to authorise any work that needs to be done on the day.
  • We will send you the equipment (pre provisioned) and you can plug the equipment in.
  • If you need additional support, we can come to site and configure everything for you.
    • Fee for services will apply. $75 visit fee & $75 per half hour for labour. (ex GST)

We can provide the following services at fee for service rates:

  • Install the Gateway
  • Install the handsets
  • IT Support – Configure your computer network and devices (smartphones, printers etc.)
  • Data cabling

Technician Appointment

Your nbn™ service will require an installation appointment.

Installations typically occur within 20 business days from order submission.

We’ll endeavour to secure a time and date that’s convenient for you.
Onsite contact
Please provide the details of the person ( must be over the age of 18 years) who will be onsite for the NBN installation.

We will also need to know if there is any special information about your premises.

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These charges may apply when ordering nbn™ services.

nbn™ New Development charge.

A New Development Charge will apply to the first connect order in a New Development Location. New Development
Location means an nbn™ Serviceable location which is identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new
development, for which nbn™ Co creates a new location ID; including new developments in brownfields areas.
This charge is passed through from nbn™ and is charged as a result of the Telecommunications Infrastructure in
New Developments Policy, issued by the Australian Government. It applies regardless of the technology type, plan or
contract term selected. You will be informed when the charge is applicable and will be required to agree to the
charge before the order will proceed, giving you an opportunity to inform your end user if you wish to pass the charge on.

  • One off charge – $300 Inc. GST

Other nbn™ charges

  • Incorrect Callout during initial installation – $82.50
  • Incorrect Callout post installation – $220.00
  • Installation of Central Splitter on a FTTB/N service during initial installation* – $186.00
  • Installation of Central Splitter on a FTTB/N service post installation* – $276.00
  • Late Cancellation (Site Visit Required) – $82.50
  • Missed Appointment – $82.50
  • Transition Reversal in the event a FTTB/N was unauthorised (disconnection of FTTB/N and
    reversal of any installation works undertaken as part of the original Transition Order) – $275.00
  • Voiceband Reinstatement/Transition Reversal – $275.00
  • Subsequent Installation (final price determined by nbn™ onsite) – $297 + Labour Rate ($82.50)+
    Materials over and above Initial Standard Installation
  • Installation for nonstandard installation (price determined by nbn™ onsite and assessed on case by case basis)
    – Labour Rate + Materials over and above initial standard installation


This page summarises some helpful things to know, if you have any questions please call us on 07 4759 5000.

  • Prices displayed on this page exclusive of GST.
  • Payment options include direct debit from a nominated savings, cheque or credit card account.
  • A New Development Charge of $300 inc. GST is applicable to all NBN services if so deemed by the NBN Co as a
    new development. During the provisioning process you will be informed by Business Technology Centre if your premises
    is deemed a new development and you can choose to proceed with your order.
  • Service is billed monthly in advance.
  • Service is not available in all areas.
  • Plan is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • 30 days’ notice is required for cancellation of services.
  • In most cases you are able to retain your current landline telephone number.
  • Connection times vary depending on the pre-provisioning steps that have already been carried out by
    NBN Co for your premises. Once the order has been submitted we will contact you to advise you of the installation date.
  • NBN Broadband service will be contracted for a 24 month term.
  • An pro-rata early termination fee applies if you cancel within your contract term.
  • You may change plans at any time during your contract.
  • There is no charge to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • Service connection time is between three and 14 working days. If you currently have an active service,
    in most cases you can continue to use it without service interruption.
  • Data usage is counted in gigabytes where 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1000 megabytes (MB).
  • Unused data is forfeited at the end of each billing month.
  • If you use your monthly data allowance your service speed will be shaped to 256Kbps once you exceed
    your allocated data limit.

nbn™ Terms and Conditions
Please acknowledge below that you understand the following information.
The nbn™ does not support all types of equipment that are used with the copper network so remember to ensure that any
equipment you intend to use is nbn™ -compatible before moving over.
This includes equipment such as modems, medical alarms, security alarms, telephone handsets,
fax machines and equipment such as EFTPOS machines.
If you are in any doubt you should contact the supplier of the equipment.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the telecommunications services that are suitable for your needs.
Mobile services may not provide the same quality of service and functionality as fixed line services and may not
support the same types of ancillary services and devices as fixed line services.
If you have a current fixed line telecommunications service provided over the copper telecommunications network,
it will be scheduled for disconnection in the future. You will be notified prior to this occurring, just be aware that once
it has been disconnected it will not be possible to make emergency calls (including calls to 000)
using the service, and any existing ancillary services and devices that rely on your copper telecommunications service
will no longer work (this includes medical alarms, emergency call services, security alarms, fax machines,
EFTPOS machines and Text Telephone machines).
After your fixed line telecommunications service has been disconnected, fixed line telecommunications services using the
copper network will no longer be available at your premises Business Technology Centre does not offer priority assistance,
support for medi-alert services and monitored alarm systems. If you currently have a medi-alert or priority
assistance service, or believe that you are eligible, please consider this before applying for Business Technology Centre’s
nbn™ Fibre services.

All prices quoted are ex GST.

Agreement details

  • I have read and accept the terms & conditions outlined in this Agreement.
  • I understand that my first invoice will include connection charges, pro-rata charges and the first following month in
    advance in order to align with my billing period.
  • My invoice date will be from the date that my first service is activated.
  • I understand that the services I have applied for are subject to early termination fees.
  • If the service is cancelled or transferred to another provider during the contract period then early termination fees will apply.
  • I am aware of the total minimum spend over the contract period.
  • I acknowledge and agree to Business Technology Centre’s privacy statement.
  • I am authorised to act on behalf of the company named in this agreement.
  • I hereby engage Business Technology Centre to provide all services as set out in this agreement.
  • I indemnify Business Technology Centre against and loss or damage if may suffer because of any information in this form
    or the above paperwork certification being incorrect.
  • I understand that as a service provider Commanding Communications PTY LTD T/as Business Technology Centre and as such does not
    have control of the
    nbn™ and the service quality or speed quality.
  • I understand and agree that I will indemnify Commanding Communications PTY LTD T/as Business Technology Centre against
    any loss of business
    or revenue associated with the
    nbn™ Connection and service.
  • I agree that if I request Commanding Communications PTY LTD T/as Business Technology Centre to perform work to rectify or
    diagnose issues with my equipment,
  • I agree to all labour costs associated with this work.
  • I agree that I will indemnify Commanding Communications PTY LTD against any loss of business or revenue associated with the
    nbn™ Connection and service.
  • I agree that I will indemnify Commanding Communications PTY LTD against any loss of business or revenue associated with the VoIP service.
  • I agree that I have read and understand the informacion abou this service which is located at
  • I have read and agree to the following terms and conditions –


I certify that the above information is true and correct and that I am authorised to make this application for credit.

I have read, understand and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRADE located at of Commanding Communication PTY LTD T/A Business Technology Centre

which form part of, and are intended to be read in conjunction with this Credit Account Application and agree to be bound by

these conditions.


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