nbn™ voice application

nbn™ voice is a bundled internet and voice service.

Your nbn™ voice core plan.

An nbn™ voice core plan provides you with internet and one voice service.

If you need more than voice service, simply choose the additional voice service plan option.


The nbn™ offers you, the customer, a choice of service providers for your Internet and Voice services.


Choose your nbn™ voice core plan:

24 month contract term: Early termination fees apply if you cancel the service before the contract end date. Cancelling the voice service and or the  nbn™ service will cancel the entire  nbn™ voice service.

Additional voice services: 


Telephone handsets:

New telephone handsets:

– Yealink W56 IP Wireless DECT Solution including Base Station and 1 Handset $13.20 per month for 24 Months

– Yealink T42 Desktop handset $17.60 per month for 24 months

– Yealink T46 Desktop handset $27.50 per month for 24 months

– Yealink T48 Desktop handset $33.00 per month for 24 months

Fees and Charges:

Service activation fee includes nbn™ gateway – $247.50


Which type of installation do you require?   

Self installation: We will send you all of the equipment for you will install. 

If support ins required to install the equipment fee for service rates will apply.

Professional installation: $247.50

Installation includes:

  • Installation and configuration of nbn™ gateway
  • Installation of new handsets
  • Connect to your computer or computer network.
  • Test computers, email and printing.

Exclusions: The installation of additional data cable or equipment to connect to your internal computer network.

Telephone numbers:

We can provide a new telephone number or you can keep your existing telephone number and switch (port) to Business Technology Centre.

What telephone number do you want to use?   

The existing number to use:   

Switching (porting) your number to Business Technology Centre

When you switch your lines to Business Technology Centre, we will bill you for your monthly line rental and call charges. 

You need to make sure that you will not be charged and fees from your current service provider if you move your lines away.

Business Technology Centre is not responsible for any fees or charges that you may be charged by your current service provider for switching your lines.

If you would like to switch (port) your lines to Business Technology Centre, please click here and complete the online form

Fax to email:

If you require a fax to email service – please click here for pricing and to complete the application

Fail over:

If your lose power to the nbn™ equipment or the nbn™ service stops working,

your calls will be automatically diverted to another number.

What number do you want your calls to be automatically be diverted to?   

Your information:

Your first name: Your Last name:   

Your email address:       

Your best contact number:

Your position in the business:  

Company name:  


Billing email address:  


Telephone:  Fax: 

Things you agree to:


  • Internet – Voice-over-Internet services will only ever be as reliable as the internet connection itself.
  • Data/Signals sent over the internet are only as reliable and secure as the internet connection is able  to guarantee.


  • I am authorised to act on behalf of the company named in this agreement.
  • I hereby engage Business Technology Centre to provide all services as set out in this agreement.
  • I indemnify Business Technology Centre against
    • and loss or damage if may suffer because of any information in this form or the above paperwork certification being incorrect.
  • I understand that as a service provider Business Technology Centre and as such does not have control of the nbn™ and the service quality or speed quality.
    • As such, I will indemnify Commanding Communications PTY LTD T/as Business Technology Centre against
      • any loss of business or revenue associated with the nbn™ Connection and service.
      • any loss of business or revenue associated with the nbn™  voice services.
  • I have read and agree to the following terms and conditions –


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