Number Porting Once-off Fee
Price per Acceptance
Cat A $75.00
Cat C (1-5 numbers) $350.00
Cat C (6-100 numbers) $350.00
Cat C (101+ numbers) $350.00
1300/1800 $75.00
Price per Rejection
Cat A $30.00
Cat C PNV (1-5 numbers) $75.00
Cat C PNV (6-100 numbers) $100.00
Cat C PNV (101+ numbers) $180.00
1300/1800 $75.00
Emergency Returns & Retargets
Cat A $300.00
Cat C (1-5 numbers) $450.00
Cat C (6-20 numbers) $950.00
Cat C (21-100 numbers) $2,000.00
Cat C (100+ numbers) $3,600.00
3rd Party Cat C - in addition to usual fee (PER NUMBER) $75.00
1300/1800 n/a


1. Freephone/Local Rate Number Portability

1.1 The Porting of a Freephone (1800) or Local Rate (13/1300) service will be conducted in conjunction with Industry Numbering Management Services
Ltd (INMS). The INMS is a not-for-profit company which has been established by a number of Carriage Service Providers (CSP) to facilitate number portability
of Freephone (1800) and Local Rate (13/1300) telephone services. The Australian Communication Authority (ACA) under s 467 of the Telecommunications
Act 1997 (the Act), from 16th November 2000, will allow INMS to manage the pool of portable freephone/local rate numbers declared in writing by the ACA
under s 11.10 of the Telecommunication Numbering Plan 1997.

1.2 If you wish to Port your Service Number from Business Technology Centre to another Supplier, then you must contact that other supplier. Porting from
Business Technology Centre to another Supplier will be conducted in accordance with the INMS business rules and any other bilateral arrangements.

1.3 The porting of a Freephone (1800) and Local Rate (13 / 1300) telephone service will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Standard Form
of Agreement of your CSP.

1.4 In order for Business Technology Centre to Port your Service Number you must complete and sign the Porting Authority Form (PAF) and the Application for
Business Technology Centre Access Services form.

1.5 In accordance with the INMS business rules, a request for Porting shall be deemed invalid if:

a) Mandatory information supplied is illegible, inaccurate or missing
b) The PAF is not signed by an authorised person
c) The PAF is not dated
d) The date of the PAF is more than 90 days before the porting request is sent by the recipient Prime Service Deliverer (PSD) via INMS to the donor PSD

1.6 The Porting Authorisation Form (PAF) must be fully completed by the customer and is valid for 90 days.

1.7 Business Technology Centre cannot Port your Service Number and move the address of your Service Number on the same day.

1.8 If your Service Number(s) is inactive at the time of the Porting by Business Technology Centre, you must notify Hosted Network as soon as the
Phone number(s) become active.

1.9 Business Technology Centre reserves the right to charge you for the Porting of a Service Number.

1.1O You are responsible for settling your final account with your current Service Provider.

2. Privacy Information
2.1 For the purpose of processing your application and ongoing credit management of your account, Business Technology Centre may need to disclose to a credit
reporting agency;

* personal identifying details, including your name, current and previous addresses, driver’s licence, date of birth and employer;
* the fact that you have applied for Business Technology Centre, and any credit limit on your account;
* the amount of any payments which are overdue for at least 60 days, when steps have been taken by Business Technology Centre to recover those overdue
* where an overdue payment has been previously reported, advise that the payment is no longer overdue;
* cheques or credit card payments which have been dishonoured;
* court judgments or bankruptcy orders made against you;
* that, in the opinion of Business Technology Centre, you have committed a serious credit infringement; and
* when Business Technology Centre ceases to provide service to you.

2.2 You authorise Business Technology Centre to disclose that information to a credit reporting agency. You also authorise Business Technology Centre to seek from or give to any credit
providers nominated by you or named in a credit report or to other telecommunications providers, and Business Technology Centre’ franchisees, contractors, agents and
the same information and any other information on this form and any other information on your credit worthiness, credit history or credit capacity
outlets, that credit providers and allowed to give under the Privacy Act.

2.3 You authorise Business Technology Centre to obtain and use personal credit information (eg;existing household loans and personal credit card history) for the purpose
of considering an application by you for commercial credit; (to use the Servers Australia service and your phone as a sole trader). You authorise
Business Technology Centre to obtain and use commercial information about your commercial credit worthiness or commercial history (your existing credit record as a sole trader)
when considering an application for consumer credit, for example where the Service will be used for domestic purposes.

2.4 Business Technology Centre may refuse or cancel the service on the basis of its credit assessment of you. You are entitled to see, and to correct, any credit information
which Business Technology Centre holds about you.