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When you switch your lines to Business technology Centre, we will bill you for your monthly line rental and call charges. 

We need the account holders authority to switch your line away from your current service provider


Note: You need to make sure that you will not be charged and fees from your current service provider if you

move your lines away.

It is a good idea to check with your current service provider first before switching your lines to another service provider.

your numbers away.

Business Technology Centre is not responsible for any fees or charges that you may be charged by your current service

provider for switching your lines.


Please provide your details as it appears on your Telephone Bill / Account

Step 1.


Your Name:  
Your Position:  

Please list all services you would like to port to Business Technology Centre.

Step 2.




Please write all of the numbers you want to switch to BTC.

Your account number as it appears on your most current telephone bill:

Your current service provider.

Step 3. 

Who is your current carrier? 

You need to read and agree to this for all service numbers to be switched to Business Technology Centre.

Step 4. 

The Customer / Organisation has an agreement with the Current Service Provider, which is set out in step 3.

Under this Agreement, the Customer Organisation is the legal lessee of the Service Numbers set out in step 2, which has the existing account numbers also set out in step 2.

I am authorised to act on behalf of the Customer Organisation in the position described below. I hereby engage and authorise Commanding Communications PTY LTD (“Business Technology Centre”) to facilitate the porting of these Service Numbers from the Current Service Provider to Business Technology Centre, including the cancellation of the service with the Current Service Provider.

I indemnify Business Technology Centre against any loss or damage it may suffer as a result of any information included in this form or the above certification being incorrect.

I also authorise Business Technology Centre to obtain from my Current Service Provider any incomplete or further details, which are required under step 2 to facilitate the port of the Service Numbers set out in Step 2.


Can you please also send us a full copy of your current telephone bill?

The bill will need to have all the numbers listed that you want to switch to BTC.

You can fax it to us on 0747595050 or scan and email to

Terms and Conditions of this agreement






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