BTC VoIP Services


  • Save up $$$$$ on Your Phone Service
  • Leverage Our Great International Rates
  • Use your number anywhere at anytime even on your Smartphone
  • Keep Your Existing Number

BTC SIP Trunks can offer significant cost savings for your business. With our VoIP technology, you can use your existing Internet or internal communication system to access the internet and outside phone lines. Traditional phone lines are no longer needed. Instead, voice data is combined over a single circuit.

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SIP Trunk pricing

  • $77 per month per channel ( you need 1 channel for every simultaneous call)
  • Included calls to Local . National and Australian mobile numbers
  • 13/1300 - $0.44 per call

SIP Trunking Benefits

Cost Savings

  • Save money on local and long distant calls.

AUSTRALIAN Based Customer & Technical Service

  • Tired of talking to someone overseas you never even met before. This will never happen at BTC. You will get a dedicated account rep that knows you and your business

Flexibility with Your Phone Number

  • Keep your current phone number even if you are moving. No more call forwarding costs.


  • The BTC network is completely geo-redundant with locations across Australia and New Zealand.


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