Toll Fraud

Toll Fraud is the illegal and unauthorised use of your Communications infrastructure. Toll Fraud occurs when hackers search for and locate weaknesses in the company’s infrastructure, PABX or IP network system. They do this by interrogating the systems repeatedly until access is gained and that access is then used to use the customer system as a pathway for fraudulent activities. 

Toll fraud is easily avoidable with correct programming and sensible customer management.

The primary and most secure method, which can easily be changed by each extension user, is to ensure each mailbox has a secure password or pin of at least six unique digits.

Contact Business Technology Centre , your phone system provider to discuss what other protective measures you can take to reduce the risk of toll fraud.

These include:

  • Avoid using system default passwords

  • Change Passwords for system access

  • Change Voicemail Password Regularly – Ensure password strength is strong I.e. preferably 6 to 12 digits

  • Restrict numbers from being dialed  I.e.  0055, 1900

  • Restrict international call access to limited users

  • Check and update your system for unused extensions or Voicemail boxes when business circumstances change

  • Check that DISA (Direct Inward service Access ) is disabled

The Business Owner is responsible for maintaining the security of their PABX system but as your phone system provider we can assist you in reducing the risks.